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Tricor Coriolis Technology is a German-based company that forms part of the group KEM Kueppers Elektromechnik.

To accurately measure fuel consumption based on mass flow is lately becoming key for ship owners and operators in a field where fuel consumption contributes most to the total costs. Tricor offers field tested and proven solutions that meet rules and regulations’ increased demands.

With more than 30 years of experience, TRICOR®’s engineers have been intimately involved in the development and evolution of Coriolis flow instrumentation.

Some of the advantages of TRICOR Mass Flow Meter:

  • Reliable and highly accurate mass flow measurement
  • No up and downstream sections required
  • Direct mass flow measurement
  • Real time density measurement for fuel quality control
  • All in one mass flow and density meter
  • Replaces all kind of volume based flow meters
  • Customized installation length
  • Maintenance free

Accurate mass flow measurement with a TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter helps ship owners, operators and charterers to increase cost control, to decrease fuel consumption and therefore achieve the highest competitiveness of their fleet.  

With class leading density measurement and competitive pricing, the quickest possible return of investment is guaranteed.


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