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Condition Monitoring Systems & Predictive Maintenance & Machinery Experts.

Parker Kittiwake specialize in providing on-line and on-site solutions for the condition monitoring of critical plant and industry machinery.

Parker Kittiwake sensors and equipment pieces facilitate rapid and informed decision making which helps to keep your machinery running efficiently for longer.

Supplied methodologies target the earliest stages of fault detection.

It should also be noted that all Kittiwake products are developed in a way that crew can get results with a simple, fast and reliable procedure.

Parker Kittiwake, acquired by Parker Hannifin in July 2012, includes among others below products in their portfolio:

A) Used Oil Analysis – Offering sensors, kits and even labs (using Ferrography, Magnetometry and Colourimetry) dedicated to ensure the proper working of machinery without interrupting working equipment.
Indicatively below:

1)      DIGI Cell: Portable Unit for measuring BN, Water in Oil, AN, Salt, insolubles and viscosity in a few minutes.

2)      Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM): Portable Kit for measuring the ppm of wear metal (Fe) by means of magnetometry. PPM value displayed in 2 sec.

3)      Cold Corrosion Test Kit: Provides users with the non-metallic iron content of used scrape-down oil, a phenomenon widely met by ship-operators due to slow steaming and low temperatures in M/Es.

B)  Bunker Fuel Testing – Fuel sampling and testing for quality and quantity. By testing the fuel quality at the time of delivery we ensure the fuel abides by density regulations essential for good bunkering practice.

Indicatively below products:

1)      Heated Viscometer: The Heated Viscometer is suitable for testing viscosity of both residual fuel & lube oil from a wide variety of applications including diesel engines, gas and aviation turbines, gear boxes, hydraulics and marine fuels.

Testing viscosity of fuel oil is important for verifying the correct grade of fuel is delivered, for calculating combustion performance, plus adjusting of fuel handling and injection systems.

Viscosity of lube oil is the most important property with the correct viscosity providing optimum film strength in system clearances, with minimum friction losses and leakage.

2)      Bunker Fuel Sampling Solutions: One of the most important aspects of any bunkering operation is ensuring a representative sample. Not only is it imperative to get a trustworthy sample for onboard bunker fuel testing and analysis, but the importance of a suitably drawn and witnessed representative bunker fuel oil sample cannot be over-emphasised. It forms the basis of all discussion, debate or dispute resolution relating to the bunkering.

3)      Marine Fuel Density meter:  Fuel is delivered from the bunker barge by volume and confirmed by meter or tape soundings. It is paid for by mass with a conversion relying on an accurate density reading.

The density meter provides that and more. CCAI, Density in Vacuo, Viscosity conversion. The Density Meter measures more than just diesel & residual bunker fuel density:

·         Confirm the quantity of fuel delivered, correcting volume to density

·         Verify that the correct grade of fuel has been delivered under ISO 8217

·         Estimate the combustion performance (CCAI) and correct viscosity in cP to cSt.

4)      Compatibility: The Compatibility Tester is possibly the most useful and underrated tool available for testing fuel oil compatibility and blends. This kit provides a quick useful tool for engineers faced with the necessity to mix or blend residual fuel oil or wishing to establish the stability of a new bunker delivery.

C) Fluid Cleanliness – Monitoring any contamination before it has any impact on your plant’s performance.

D)  Acoustic Emissions Monitoring - Condition monitoring vibration, acoustic emissions, poor lubrication.

1)      Acoustic Emission Testing Equipment: Kittiwake Holroyd manufacture a range of products for the machine monitoring and equipment analysis market, including popular products like the MHC-Memo Pro, MHC-Classic Plus, MHC-Classic and the MHC-Bearing Checker. Acoustic Emission testing made easy.
2)      Acoustic Emission Sensors : Holroyd manufacture a range of acoustic emission sensors and accessories which are compatible with our AE measurement and analysis equipment. This includes structural monitoring and remote monitoring accessories for testing.

E)  Marine Water - Water and effluent testing, chemical dosing and sampling. This is a legislation driven requirement under the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

Suitable control schemes with adequate marine water testing and monitoring will aid with the compliance of the   current IHR (2005), ILO  178 (2009) and ILO MLC (2006), which enters into force from January 2012.

These products provide real time analysis and simple to perform tests needing no specialist training.

1)      Potable Water:  Parker Kittiwake has developed a Marine Potable Water Test Kits to assist with the compliance of the current IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009) and ILO MLC (2006), which enters into force from January 2012. These test kits provide real time analysis and simple to perform tests which require no specialist training. Tests cover physical examination of the water for adequate hardness and the existence of nutrients with a quantification of biological contamination and the effectiveness of any sterilisation.  Included are tests for:

·         Biological - Coliform, E.Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Enterococci, HPC (Total viable count).

·         Physical - pH, Temperature, TDS (Conductivity/Salinity).

·         Sanitizer - Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide

2)      Sewage Effluent: ltimately the Parker Kittiwake Sewage Effluent Kit will aid with the compliance of MARPOL Annex IV, especially for the initial/renewal inspections and spot checks for certification. The Sewage Effluent Test Kit will provide simple and accurate testing for BOD, Chlorine (Free), COD, Coliform Bacteria, pH and Total Suspended Solids. Regular testing will allow rapid corrective action to take place if required, helping to maintain optimum operating conditions, minimum down time and reducing costs. Tests cover:

·         Physical - pH, Chlorine (process control 1-30ppm), Chlorine (final discharge 0-1ppm), TDS.

·         Biological - E-Coli and Coliforms, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

Every machinery maintenance professional has heard of or applied the practice of machine Condition Monitoring, Proactive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, equipment vibration monitoring, etc.

All these philosophies help prevent unplanned breakdown and maximise plant availability.  All require buy-in at the plant equipment maintenance level, an efficient system, and timely information. 
Whether it is for use on-line or on-site, for even the remotest and demanding environments, Parker Kittiwake has a maintenance system for you.