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Van der Velden Marine Systems with more than 50 years of experience designs and manufactures all rudder types to the highest possible quality standards, perfectly matched to the vessel type, and the intended usage. Each rudder system offers a unique combination of sail course keeping stability, efficiency and manoeuvring performance. Specific characteristics extend durability, reduce low pressure peaks, noise and vibration levels. 


Van der Velden’s complete manoeuvring packages for oceangoing vessels include the BARKE® rudder, the Van der Velden® MASTER rudder, the Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder, the TIMON rudder, rudder trunks, streamline bodies, Van der Velden ART™ rudder, Van der Velden COMMANDER® ram-type steering gear (incl. foundations), Van der Velden® COMMANDER rotary vane steering gear, steerable nozzles and their latest ESPAC™ (Energy Saving Package).


The Asymmetric Rudder Technology (ART™) has been especially developed to improve propeller flow. The special profile expands the cavitation- free rudder angle and reduces drag. This extends the life span of rudders and shaft bearing systems. Additional benefits are the low vibration and noise levels. The Van der Velden ART™ rudder can be applied to all Van der Velden rudders. 


The Research & Development department at Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is constantly on the lookout for new ways of using the latest technology to improve performance. Quite simply, Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is committed to providing you with the most innovative solutions possible with the best price/performance ratio.


All systems are backed up by 24/7 worldwide service network.