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With an emphasis on sustaining the environment for future generations HAMANN has produced a range of products for the maritime industry that have seen the company grow into a global corporation: HAMANN AG.


The establishment of HAMANN AG expresses the great success of the Hamann Family to provide the ship building industry with products to sustain our environment. The overwhelming acceptance of HAMANN AG within the market is proof that product reliability and cost effectiveness can comply with environmental laws and the environment itself.


Efficiancy and durability are irreversible requirements for machinery that is used within the maritime industry. Legislation to protect our environment is becoming more stringent every day, and furthermore poses new challenges in developing marketable products.

The NEW HL-Cont PLUS and Super Mini PLUS sewage treatment systems are fully certified according to IMO MEPC 159(55), complying with the most stringent effluent standards, based on an innovative advanced sewage treatment technology offering very low maintenance costs, small footprint and minimal electric consumption.

Fulfilling and exceeding the most demanding conditions serves as the basis of HAMANN's workmanship. High quality, low maintenance and innovative systems which sustainably preserve the environment  have seen the company grow into a worldwide accepted supplier for wastewater treatment systems, as well as naval certified systems to MIL-Standards, since it's foundation in 1972.


After sales support / technical service


HAMANN AG has established an excellent reputation for prompt and reliable technical service. Every aspect of After Sales Support including inspection, commissioning, maintenance and crew training is for the full range of Hamann products. This support is being rendered globally, whereas also in Technava, Piraeus.