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Cutting edge technology from the market leader on Marine Pumps
Established in 1860, ALLWEILER has a long-standing tradition as a German manufacturer of pumps. Today ALLWEILER is the market and technology leader in the areas of ship-building, power generation and special industrial applications. ALLWEILER products are valued for their low lifecycle costs (LCC) ,characterized by:

  • Long service life time
  • Efficiency
  • High MTBF –  Mean Time Between Failure
  • Short MTTR – Mean Time to Repair
  • High  ARM –  Availability,
  • Reliability,
  • Maintainability

Pump Systems for any Type of Vessel and Application on Board
Allweiler covers a comprehensive product range of marine pumps with vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, propeller-pumps, progressive cavity pumps , as well as complete pump systems. The versatility of the Allweiler production range enables proposals of complete engine room “pump packages” with high reliability and optimum operational efficiency.

Allweiler leads the industry with innovation and continuous evolution including the introduction of flexible mounted lanterns for pump support, the AllHeat® series of boiler circulation pumps operating up to 2700C water temperature & with self-aligning cardanic couplings, the AllTrimm® series of in-line, anti-heeling pumps with the electric motor installed inside the pumped liquid, and the MagDrive® series with magnetic drives.

CM-1000 – Energy Saving Intelligent Electronic control
CM-1000 is an intelligent pump controller for sea water cooling systems. The system maximizes shipboard pumping efficiency while simultaneously lowering operating costs, maintenance costs, and downtime.

ALLWEILER Worldwide Service and Sales Network
Allweiler has a 24-hour after-sales service with a comprehensive world-wide contact network with representations in any country where a vessel may call.

Technava S.A. is assigned as an authorized sales distributor for the Greek and Cypriot market.