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Silentor, Denmark is a well-established company focusing on the development and manufacture of exhaust silencers mainly for diesel and gas engines, with more than 30 years research and development into silencing principles.

Auxiliary engines on board many vessels are often making so much noise that the working environment is a nuisance to the crew. The regulations governing the noise levels on board vessels state that the noise must not exceed 60 dB(A) in the sleeping quarters and 65 dB(A) in the crew accommodation.


The Silentor silencing principles offer superior performance 

in terms of:

• Effective noise reduction, especially in the low frequency area

• The Silentor silencers take up less space than traditional silencers and due to the unique patented design, efficient attenuation particularly low frequency is achieved with a much lower back pressure than traditional silencers, which means less wear of the engine, and lower fuel consumption.


Designed especially for the vessels, the Silentor solution more than halved the noise level, and due to their unique pressure recovery diffusers allowed the exhaust pipe runs to remain unchanged and the existing mounting of the old silencers to be used.

Silentor  offers custom-made silencer solutions to match the customer’s needs, particularly where space is limited, and attenuation requirements demanding.