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NK belongs to the Neuenhauser Group with more than 1,200 employees with an experience of more than 60 years in the international compressor market.

The sales and manufacturing program comprises of:

  •  Starting Air Compressors

Air - and water cooled piston type compressors (2- and 3-staged) up to 60 bar.

  •  Working & Control Air Compressors

Screw type compressors for working pressures up to 13 bar.

  •  Compressor Skids

Compressed air plants and generating sets for stationary and mobile applications, with modular execution either skid mounted or enclosed within standard 20ft container.

  •  Starting Air, Working Air & Control Air Receivers

Up to 10,000 ltr. & 40 bar working pressure.

  •  Air Purification Air filtration, air dryers and oil & water separators
  •  Bulkhead Penetrations in gastight execution

NK products are according to the rules of all relevant classification societies for shipbuilding and offshore industry. NK is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.