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Metos was established in 1922 and presently is considered as one of the Leading Quality manufacturer of Galley and Laundry equipment.

Metos equipment and furnishings are used in more than 3000 ships including ice breakers, naval ships, cargo vessels, passenger ferries and luxury cruise ships. Is is part of the International ALI Group (where 44 successful brands blended into a single group giving life to one of the leading European foodservice equipment manufacturers in the world). In house-production of most equipment (70%), guarantees customized designs, consistent quality control, efficient material handling, and long-life support. Layout design and training are also part of Metos services.

The Metos Marine agent network covers all important shipbuilding countries. Thus, they maintain the technological leadership and continuously develop their products and services to meet the changing needs of their customers. Metos is the sole major company in the branch, which has its all processes certified with ISO 9001- and ISO 14001 certificates (DNV 2004), including product development, design, production, sales, logistics.