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Founded in 1958, TDI has become a worldwide leader in the design and fabrication of propulsion simulation equipment and developed a reputation for  problem-solving, quick response and quality workmanship. TDI is supplying precision mechanical and pneumatic devices worldwide.

TDI has pioneered the use of turbine technology with its unique twin turbine-powered air starter for use on industrial, diesel, natural gas reciprocating engines as well as variety of industrial turbine engines.


Product Lines

TDI introduced the first turbine powered starter for industrial engines in 1979, and is continuing  to produce new products based on the innovating two-stage turbine technology. The TURBO TWIN TM     series of starters and industrial air motors are the most reliable starters available on the Market today such as:

  • TURBO TWIN TM         Engine Air Starters  
  • TURBO SMART TM       Engine Air Starters 
  • TURBO VALVE TM        Relay Valves 
  • TURBO TORQUE TM     Inertia Drives 
  • Turbo Machinery Design and Production,
  • Jet Engine Propulsion Simulators