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Since its establishment in 1929, Houttuin B.V. has been a healthy, solid, worldwide operating company. This successful, originally private company, belongs to the Colfax Corporation since 1998, one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world.

Houttuin’s high quality products, whether standard or specially engineered, have proved to be the solution for a stable and reliable performance in industries in which problems as diverse as high discharge and low section pressures, viscosity, corrosive liquids etc. need to be solved. This is illustrated by the fact that many of Houttuin’s pumps are still in service after 20, 30 and even 40 years.

Twin-Screw Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps
Houttuin’s original design provided the blueprint for today’s so called twin-screw positive displacement rotary pumps. The company’s solutions are standard equipment for almost all branches of industry and Shipping.

Diverse Problem solving for  demanding environments
Houttuin has used its expertise to solve pumping problems as diverse as:
• the processing of high-grade synthetic pulp fibre in an airtight environment without changing the structure of the emulsion;
• removing abrasive toxic waste from surface water with a light, transportable pump;
• pumping chocolate emulsion in the food processing industry

The  features
The Houttuin single (series 136) or double entry (series 200-300) twin screw pumps are horizontal/vertical self priming positive displacement pumps with:

  • a favourable suction lift capabilities by low NPSH values, dry running property.
  • The inter-meshing screws rotating in a pump casing ensure high pumping efficiency with constant axial flow and unequalled suction power.

Worlwide  service and repair around the clock
HOUTTUIN B.V. has an After Sales and Service Department in Utrecht and a worldwide distribution  network ensuring excellent after sales support.

Technava S.A. is assigned as an authorized sales distributor for the Greek and Cypriot market.