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IMO AB, a Colfax Business Unit with over 75 years at the forefront of the pump industry is the leading manufacturer of three-screw pumps. Headquartered in Stockholm, and with locations worldwide, IMO serves critical applications for oil transfer, navy, commercial marine, power generation as well as general industry.

Millions of IMO pumps in service around the world.
Reaching all over the globe, IMO pumps ensure outstanding performance in hydraulic systems, in fuel and lube oil systems and oil transfer applications.

Leak-free future
The IMO three screw pump is ideal for handling all types of viscous fluid such as diesel and heavy fuel oils, lube and hydraulic oils. However, as with any pump based on a rotating shaft that extends through the wall of the pump, a certain amount of leakage is always to be expected. In those cases where leakage is unacceptable, IMO provides owners with the OptiLine series.  OptiLine eliminates leaks by incorporating a complete enclosure where there is no shaft extension into open air and thus no need for a conventional seal.

OptiLine - Magnetic Coupled Pumps
Magnetic coupled. Seal less. Leak-free pumps. Optimal MGO and heavy fuel oil applications in the marine industry. IMO OptiLine magnetic coupled pumps, also called magnetic drive or mag drive pumps, bring considerable savings in maintenance and spare parts.

Low pressure pumps
Applications: Transport and circulation of liquids with lubricating properties, like e.g. lube oils, fuel oils and synthetic and vegetable oils.

High & Medium pressure pumps
Handling of hydraulic oils, seal oils, light oils and fire resistant hydraulic fluids.

IMO Service Points & Service providers
To ensure a fast, convenient and high-quality service, IMO AB has established a number of authorized Service Points at key strategic locations around the world. IMO has partnerships with other leading channels. So wherever you are in the world, there's a service partner nearby who can ensure your IMO pumps continue to run smoothly.
Technava S.A. is assigned as an authorized sales distributor for the Greek and Cypriot market.